Participants of this COST Action are organised into five Working Groups, each of which having a specific Working Group Leader:

Working Group 1 – Methodology development in time-resolved measurements

Working Group 2 – Imaging and in situ structure determination

Working Group 3 – Methodology development in biomolecular spectroscopy

Working Group 4 – Methodology development in biomolecular simulation

Working Group 5 – Applications and Dissemination

The organization of the Action and its management is in agreement with the COST Action regulations and procedures; the MC has appointed:

  1. WG Leaders and two Vice-Leaders for each of the five Working Groups.
  2. A STSM Coordinator, together with two further MC members, who will form the STSM Committee.
  3. A Dissemination Manager who manages the communication of the activities and achievements of the COST Action to interested specialist and public groups.

An overall Core Group is formed by the Action Chair (AC) and Vice-Chair (AVC), the STSM Coordinator, the WG Leaders and Dissemination Manager.