Expertise Exchange

Many of the activities organised by the Action have directly addressed the challenge of bringing experimental and theoretical scientists together. A key aspect of this is the development of a common language that helps these different research areas communicate effectively. Our Activities have allowed us to train a large number of young researchers from across Europe in the use of both state-of-the-art molecular simulation and experimental biophysics methods. Our experience has shwon us that a focus on hands-on training via both courses and bi-lateral exchange has been extremely important to achieve good exchange of ideas and methods.

A key Action tool has been the use of STSMs between experimental and theoretical groups. These have ranged from experimental students and postdocs visiting a theoretical group in order to learn a particular simulation technique to simulation students and postdocs visiting experimental groups to gain a better understanding of how data are collected, what kinds of experimental errors can occur, and what kinds of questions are being asked by experimentalists.

The STSMs were complemented by a series of meetings and workshops over the course of the Action. These were either fully or co-organised by the Action.

Finally the Annual COST Action meetings, associated with our MC meetings have provided a fruitful ground for scientific discussion and the seeding of new collaborations.