Disseminating and transferring knowledge is a key value to COST, and the use of results by policymakers, industry and society is vital.

COST provides financial support for the production of dissemination tools and publications such as books (hard copy or electronic), reports, journal articles, brochures, flyers and other types of publication, including in electronic format e.g. DVDs and CD-ROMs, as well as other outreach and dissemination activities in line with the COST Rules for Participation in and Implementation of COST Activities (COST document COST 4112/13) and COST Communication Plan (COST document 4115/12). In order to be eligible for funding, publications must be authored by at least by 2 participants from 2 different Participating COST Countries. Publications and dissemination activities must also reflect the MoU and must be in line with the Action’s objectives.

The selection of an Action’s publication and dissemination activities is the responsibility of the MC. Publication and dissemination activities must be approved by the MC and must be in line with the Action’s objectives.

Please contact the Action chair or dissemination manager for more informations.