Action access to large research infrastructures

Action members, and especially early career investigators, were encouraged and assisted in participating in existing BAG access groups at the ESRF. They were also supported in individual beam time applications to a range of X-ray sources across Europe. STSMs were used to help ECIs prepare for their experiments and to analyse the data afterwards.

Specific facility access that occurred and was facilitated by WG1 during the Action included:

  • ECI Action members from Germany and Ireland participated in the SSX BAG at ESRF during 2018 (this BAG aims to develop serial synchrotron crystallography)
  • A successful beam time application for time-resolved SAXS using photo cages at beamline ID09 at the ESRF resulted in a publication. This project involved ECI and established Action members from Germany and Italy and was led by an ECI.
  • Several Action members participated in the very first European XFEL experiments. This work is also already published.
  • Action members from Germany, France, UK, Ireland, Malta, Turkey and Portugal participated in the Radiation Damage BAG at ESRF throughout the Action period. This BAG was very effectively supportly by STSM exchanges between Turkey, Germany, Malta and Portugal and has resulted in joint German-Turkey and UK-France publications.
  • Action members from Greece, France and the Netherlands (industrial partner) have been involved in a study throughout the Action using both the ESRF and lab X-ray sources using powder crystallography. This has led to a number of papers (I, II, III, IV, V).

Very recently (2019), two new BAGs at PETRA III (EMBL beam lines) have been awarded beamtime.  These new BAGs are led by Action members from Germany and include groups from Greece, UK, Portugal, Germany, Malta, USA, Canada, France, Austria and Ireland. While the Radiation Damage BAG has been involved in the Action from the beginning, the new time-resolved BAG has directly grown from networking during the Action.

  • Fundamental and Applied aspects of Radiation Damage (Germany, UK, Portugal, Malta)
  • Time-resolved crystallography at P14-2 (T-REXX) – methodology development
    and studies of enzymes, photoproteins and membrane transporter mechanisms (Germany, UK, USA, France, Austria, Greece, Ireland, Canada)