Dr Tibor Páli


Email: tpali@brc.hu


Institute of Biophysics
Biological Research Centre
Temesvári krt. 62
6726 Szeged

Land: Hungary

Tel: + 36-62-599603

Web: http://www.brc.hu/membrane/

Keywords: Membrane Biophysics; Membrane Proteins; Protein Folding; Rotary ATPase; V-ATPase; Functional Structure Biology; EPR/ESR; Spectroscopy;

Expertise/Techniques available in your group: EPR, Fluorescence and FTIR spectroscopy; Microcalorimetry; Molecular modelling: membrane protein structure predicition and analysis

Key equipment available in your group: X-band EPR spectrometer with fiber optic connection to a modular fluorescence system; Microcalorymeter; FTIR Spectrometer; Molecular modelling cluster

Working Group(s): WG4 and WG5