Dr Nadica Maltar Strmecki


Email: nstrm@irb.hr


Rudjer Boskovic Institute
Division of Physical Chemistry
Laboratory for Magnetic Resonances
Bijenicka 54 (P.O.Box 180)
10000 Zagreb

Land: HR

Tel: +385 1 456 1127

Web: http://www.irb.hr/eng/Research/Divisions-and-Centers/Division-of-Physical-Chemistry/Laboratory-for-Magnetic-Resonances

Keywords: EPR/ESR; Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy; Biomolecules; Structure/ Dynamics Relationships, Radiation induced radicals, Antioxidant properties

Expertise/Techniques available in your group: CW, pulse-EPR measurement, relaxation measurements, HYSCORE, structure and dynamics measurements

Key equipment available in your group: Bruker Elexsys 580 FT/CW EPR spectrometer with temperature control from 4-300K; EPR spectrometer Varian E 12; Spectrofluorimeter Cary Eclipse Varian; Spectrophotometer UV/VIS CARY 50

Working Group(s): WG3 and WG5