Dr Mohamed Noor


Email: Mohamed.noor@ul.ie


L2-007 Lonsdale Building
Chemical & Environmental Sciences
University of Limerick

Land: Ireland

Tel: + 353 61 234373

Web: http://www.ul.ie/mssi

Keywords: Membrane Proteins; Structure/Function/Dynamics Relationships; Protein crystallography

Expertise/Techniques available in your group: Protein expression (molecular biology), crystallization (classical and lipidic cubic phase) and crystallography; functional microbiology up to Class 2 pathogens; SPR; advanced microscopy

Key equipment available in your group: Akta purification systems; Biacore/surface plasmon resonance, atomic force microscopy; confocal laser scanning microscopy; circular dichroism

Working Group(s): WG1, WG2 and WG3