Dr. Matteo Levantino


Email: matteo.levantino@unipa.it


Department of Physics and Chemistry
University of Palermo
Viale delle Scienze – Edificio 18
90128 Palermo

Land: Italy

Tel: + 39 091-238-91729

Web: www.fisica.unipa.it/levantino

Keywords: Protein dynamics; Heme proteins; Serpins; Structure/Function/Dynamics Relationships; Time-resolved X-ray scattering

Expertise/Techniques available in your group: Time-resolved X-ray scattering; Optical spectroscopy (UV/Visible, FTIR, CD, Raman); Dielectric Spectroscopy; Fluorescence microscopy (confocal and two-photon)

Key equipment available in your group:

Working Group(s): WG1