Dr Maria Manuel Marques


Email: mmbmarques@fct.unl.pt


Chemistry Department
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia,
Universidade Nova de Lisboa,
Monte de Caparica,
2829-516 – Caparica

Land: PT

Tel: + 351 (0) 212948300

Web: http://docentes.fct.unl.pt/msbm/

Keywords: Rational drug design; Cyclooxygenase Mechanism; Glycopeptides synthesis and molecular interactions; Membrane Proteins;

Expertise/Techniques available in your group: Organic Synthesis group; Chemical Biology;

Key equipment available in your group: NMR Bruker Avance III 600 and 400 and Bruker ARX 400; MALDI-TOF-MS – Applied Biosystems, Voyager DE-PRO Biospectrometry workstation; GC-TOF-MS Micromass, GCT; GC-FID, konik, Konik HRGC 4000B;

Working Group(s): WG1, WG2 and WG5