Dr Christina Karatzaferi


Email: ck@pe.uth.gr


Muscle Physiology & Mechanics Group, DPESS
School of PE and Sports Science
University of Thessaly
Karyes, 42100

Land: Greece

Tel: +30 24310 47015, +30 69785 09192

Web: http://www.pe-uth.gr/biolab/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=95&Itemid=76&lang=en

Keywords: Muscle function, muscle fatigue, actomyosin interaction, myopathy

Expertise/Techniques available in your group:

Key equipment available in your group: SI Heidelberg microdynamometr system, Myotronic single cardiomyocyte system (microdynamometry & epifluorescence), Cybex isokinetic system, Fresenius Med Care BCM multifrequency bioimpedance system, and via the University hospital 3T magnet (proton and phosphorus MRS), DEXA and CT .

Working Group(s): WG 4 (goal 3) and WG 5 (goal 3)