Working Group Two

Imaging and in situ structure determination

Working group chair – Ran Zalk (Israel)

Most structural biology focuses on structures of isolated purified components, with the underlying assumption that their structure and dynamic behaviour is equivalent to that in the considerably more complex physiological environment (both in terms of their macromolecular interactions and surrounding solution components). Modern intermediate resolution techniques are increasingly focusing on attempting to image molecules and complexes within the cell or physiological solutions (in vivo NMR, electron/soft X-ray microscopy/tomography, sub-tomographic averaging, single molecule techniques).

Working group objectives

1) Exchange of information and expertise (both computational and experimental) with Working Groups 1, 3, 4 and 5.

2) Organize training and workshops in the use of state-of-the-art imaging methods.

3) Improve links between methodology groups and the biology user base (WG5)

4) Disseminate Action results via high impact publications and presentations at international meetings

Specific goals:

1) Promote correlative imaging (multiple imaging methods on the same sample)

2) Promote the development of imaging and structure determination methods in physiologically relevant environments in collaboration with WG1

3) Promote the linking of imaging under physiological conditions with imaging and structural data on purified components in collaboration with WG3,4 (using specific labels and computational models)

4) Promote the development of multi-scale models of biological systems incorporating information across a range of time (fs-minutes) and length-scales (nm-um).


Prof Marc Baldus

Dr Maria Manuel Marques

Dr Christopher McDevitt

Prof Daniella Goldfarb

Dr Mohamed Noor

Prof Snorri Sigurdsson