4th MC Meeting Registration – Malta

4th MC Meeting Registration – Malta

Please register for the meeting here and also include an abstract submission (a template is provided below). The Deadline for registration is 5pm on Monday Feb 13th.

REMEMBER to also register for your accommodation as well. We will inform you whether you will have an oral slot by March 1st.

Details of our Data Protection Statement (GDPR compliance) can be found here: Data Protection

Personal Details

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Affiliation, please give full address

How you would like your name and affiliation to appear on the conference badge

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Room Type

Name of person you would like to share a room with (please note the accommodation rate does not change)

Dates, please select

Will you be contacting the hotel about extra nights

Dietary Requirements

Would you like to attend the conference banquet (cost €42). I understand I will only be reimbursed €20 from COST

Other Information

Would you like to apply for an reimbursement? (subject to confirmation (provided on Feb 14th) depending on the number of attendees from each COST country)

Are you a current PhD student or an Early Career Investigator (ECI) - within 8 years since completion of their PhD?

Have you been in receipt of an STSM awarded from CM1306?

Would you like to give a talk?

Will you be presenting a poster?

Abstract Upload (please see at bottom of page for guidance)

Any other information

Abstract template