Completed STSMs

We have an active scientific exchange programme between groups in the Action facilitated by Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM). The map below shows the current locations of STSM host institutions (green), home institutions (blue). Sites that have both hosted and sent out group members are shown in yellow.


Shiran Barber-Zucker (Ben-Gurion, Israel) visited Norwich, UK

Rosalin Bonetta (Malta) visited Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Azadeh Shahsavar (Aarhus, Denmark) visited Hamburg, Germany

Joseph Lyons (Aarhus, Denmark) visited Frankfurt, Germany

Jana Aupic (Ljubljana, SI) visited Grenoble, France

Anna Mullen (Norwich, UK) visited Groningen, Netherlands

Florence Husada (Groningen, Netherlands) visited Norwich, UK

Gunce Goc (Kocaeli, Turkey) visited Hamburg, Germany 

Filipa Calisto (Oeiras, Portugal) visited Madrid, Spain

Catarina Coelho (Caparica, Portugal) visited Hamburg, Germany

Hila Nudelman (Ben-Gurion, Israel) visited Potsdam, Germany


Alexandros Valmas (Patras, Greece) visited PaNalytical in Almelo, Netherlands

Fotini Karavassili (Patras, Greece) visited PaNalytical in Almelo, Netherlands

Sinem Balci (Kocaeli, Turkey) visited Hamburg, Germany

Filipa Calisto (Oeiras, Portugal) visited Madrid, Spain

Alexander Morley (Vienna, Austria) visited UEA, UK

Angelo Figueirdo (Lisbon, Portugal) visited Bochum, Germany

Feyzim Hodzhaoglu (Sofia, Bulgaria) visited Granada, Spain

Matteo Levantino (Palermo, Italy) visited Hamburg, Germany

Marina Pires (Lisbon, Portugal) visited Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Marta Corvo (Lisbon, Portugal) visited Vienna, Austria

Santhosh Kannan Venkatesan (Vienna, Austria) visited UEA, UK


Anna Mullen (UEA, UK) visited Osnabruck in Germany in November

Brigitte Meunier (Gif, France) visited University College, London

Amadine Marechal (UCL, UK) visited Saclay, France

Marita Vella (Malta) visited Leeds, UK

Rosalin Bonetta (Malta) visited Leeds, UK

Sarolta Banko (Szeged, Hungary) visited Parma, Italy

Sharon Ruthstein (Bar Ilan, Israel) visited Groningen, Netherlands

Tomica Krali (Split, Croatia) visited Krakov, Poland

Yonca Yüzügüllü (Kocaeli, Turkey) visited UEA, UK