Advanced fluorescence methods

COST Training School: Advanced fluorescence methods to explore dynamics and mechanisms of molecular machines

7-9th Feb 2018 -Parma, Italy

Welcome to the info page for the COST training school to be held in Parma in February 2018. Here you will hopefully find all the information you need!

An integrated approach combining complementary spectroscopies and molecular simulations. The course will provide an in-depth theory and practice of fluorescence spectroscopy for the investigation of complex biological systems. Other spectroscopic methods will be covered in order to describe complementary approaches for structural modeling.

TOPICS: Basic principles of fluorescence spectroscopy, time-resolved fluorescence,  fluorescence correlation spectroscopy,  Förster Resonance Energy Transfer,  single-molecule FRET,  fluorescence imaging, complementary spectroscopic methods (CD, EPR, NMR) for integrative/hybrid structural modeling.

Organizers: Claus Seidel, Andrea Mozzarelli and Serena Faggiano


Download the program in this link – Full Programme – UPDATED


Stefano Bettati

Serena Faggiano

Barbara Campanini

Fraser MacMillan

Claus Seidel

Thomas Stockner

Cristiano Viappiani


Luca Ronda

Stefania Abbruzzetti

Samanta Raboni



Send a CV and a motivation letter to before December 20, 2017.  Acceptance will be notified by December 23, 2017.  The number of accepted students is 12, of which 10 will be fully reimbursed by the COST action. Young SIB members will be partially supported by SIB – Protein Group. Gender and country balance will be taken into account when evaluating the applications.