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Structural biology has seen tremendous progress in the elucidation of static atomic structures of increasingly complex biomolecular systems, many of which are potential targets for future molecular medicine and biotechnology applications.

However, understanding of biomolecular mechanism and function also requires knowledge of dynamics, both locally at active sites and more globally in terms of long range domain movements. These dynamic aspects are fundamentally important but difficult to study, often requiring both spectroscopic and structural complementary approaches and methods. Recent advances in the development of such methods make it timely to establish an EU network to bring together the spectroscopic and structural biology communities that will enable integration of the static and dynamic aspects of important biomolecules.

This COST Action will promote the collaborations necessary to achieve this integration, and will disseminate knowledge and target research that will ultimately translate into new understanding of complex biochemical processes. Such knowledge will foster insights into disease states and lead to new biotechnology and future drug discoveries. It will consolidate and further enhance the world-leading role of European groups in these areas and provide a platform for training and promoting ESRs, through a tailored program of Summer Schools, Workshops, Short-Term Scientific Missions, and conferences.

Upcoming events

4th MC Meeting in Malta

27th – 28th March 2017

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